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You Have Made The Decision…

It’s time to organize. It’s time
to downsize or remodel. Or maybe it’s time to move. Whatever you choose, the staff at Changing-Lifestyle will help achieve your goals.

Moving is Difficult

Moving is a cumbersome and stressful activity for anyone. For seniors it can be especially difficult considering many have lived in the same home for 30, 40, or even 50 years. Adding to the challenge is the fact that seniors and their families often experience significant barriers to their transition to a simpler lifestyle. Some of these include:

● Chronic Illness
● Relocation Stress
● Transition Trauma
● Complex Family Dynamics
● Intricate Asset Management
● Dementia or Mild Memory Impairment
● Clutter or Hoarding
● Long Distance Travel & Communications

We Understand and Can Help. Our Many Services are Tailored to Fit Your Moving and Relocation Needs

● Organizing Services
● Redesign and Staging Services
● Moving Services
● Move-In Services
● Auction Services
● Real Estate Services